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If you are an entrepreneur with a services company or technology company, your plate is literally overflowing. There are not enough hours in the day to manage all functional areas of your business; finance, HR, legal, marketing, and technology.

At Veality, whether you are starting your business today, entering a growth phase, or exploring options to sell your business, we want to help you assess, design, develop and successfully implement your business plan to turn your vision into reality.

Let us show you our desire for your success through our responsive service and how we can enhance your business to give you more time each day to continue building your dream.

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business plan development, business modeling, roadmaps for startup and exit


fund raising plan, investor readiness (preparation, due diligence), investment roadmap

Project Management

implementation of business strategies


financial planning, financial modeling, profit improvement, budgets and forecasting

Market Research

strategy validation (canvas business modeling), value proposition definition, go-to market planning

Human Resources

talent recruitment, benefit management, labor compliance, diversity and inclusion


improve business processes, application development, product development, overcome IT gaps, technology support, risk management


messaging, customer engagement, channel development, customer acquisition

Finance Operations

fractional CFO services, bookkeeping, payroll